Our Initiatives

Our Initiatives

Top Trove Foundation is on a mission to spark meaningful changes in our community.
We have taken several initiatives to foster our society with the help of some special
programs. Some of our initiatives are Greenbhumi.com, Thejobsaviour.com,
My60pages.com, Edukul.org and Peerpower.club, with the help of these we
are working for the betterment of society by providing them quality education,
A healthy environment for sharing life changing stories, A platform to help people
finding a workplace according to their needs and also giving them several internships options

Our Programs

Top Trove Foundation Is Uplifting Students By Their Initiatives.

Here at Peer Power club we are building a community with the motive to upskill ourselves and make learning fun with a qualified mentor.

Greenbhumi is a toptrove foundation
programme geared at envisioning a
happier and greener future.

Old heal is the initiative of Top Trove Foundation towards the helping of senior citizens.


My60pages is a platform which provides space to people who wants to read other’s stories and willing to share their own ones. Reading more is the best way to learn new things, and helps in develop deep knowledge. We have different genre of stories which helps us to inspire people in their tough times.my60pages is cost free digital platform where one can read, write or listen anywhere and anytime.

Edukul believes that a good education is a foundation for a better future that is why we are providing a free learning platform to all who are willing for a bright career. We are building a movement of leaders who will eliminate education inequality in India. We are working towards building an educated society because the more knowledge you gain the more opportunities will open up to allow individuals to achieve better possibilities in career and personal growth.

Safar is a visionary program initiated by Top Trove Foundation for welfare of orphans.


Pradyot Parashar Java Programming

The things which I liked the most about the peer training are: 1) The sessions between the mentor and mentee were very interactive. 2) The sessions not only helped me to impart knowledge to the students but also brushed up my java skills.

Jyoti Gupta Digital Marketing

I like the learning attitude of student most and pverall it was a nice journey with Peerpower Club. They are very supportive.

Manasvi Garg Python Programming

The best part I liked about peer training was the topics discussed and the interaction we had. This platform gave me an opportunity to boost up my confidence a lot.

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